Advogada no Brasil | Attorney in Brazil

Legal Consultant in US | Consultora Jurídica nos Estados Unidos

Construindo Conexões Jurídicas: Parceria para o Direito Brasileiro no Brasil e nos EUA.

Building Legal Connections: Partnership for Brazilian Law in Brazil and in USA.

Dra. Stephanie Kiefer

Advogada no Brasil - Attorney in Brazil (OAB - 30.458).
Legal Consultant in US - online & in-person legal services.

Born in Espírito Santo, Brazil, Stephanie Kiefer has built a solid career as a lawyer/attorney, with a journey spanning over 9 years in the legal world. From the beginning of her academic journey in Law at the age of 19 in 2013, Stephanie seized every opportunity, working in internships at the Espírito Santo State Court and different law firms as a Legal Assistant & Paralegal.  In 2017, after completing her education, she embraced the profession by becoming a member of the Brazilian Bar Association. She didn’t stop there; four years later, she enriched her resume with an LLM in Business/Civil Law.  Stephanie is not just another lawyer. Her career is marked by versatility. Currently, as a Managing Attorney at Nascimento & Advogados Associados, she leads and engages in challenging cases. Furthermore, she had the honor of serving as a Member of the National Social Security Commission at the Brazilian Lawyers Association in Brasília.  In 2022, with a global vision, Stephanie decided to expand her horizons. She moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, continuing her career as an International Legal Advisor in Brazilian Law. Once again, she demonstrated her passion for the field by founding the Stephanie Kiefer Law Firm/Foreign Legal Consultancy. Her focus? Brazilian law, encompassing business law, international contracts, international social security planning, and regulatory law.  Today, Stephanie is a reference when it comes to Brazilian law, whether in Brazil or the United States, always ready to provide the best legal solutions to her clients.

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Our Main

Areas of Practice

Brazilian Business Law

● Business Contracts: Drafting, Review, and Analysis;
● Purchase and Sale Agreements;
● Service Contracts;
● Negotiations and Mediation;
● Confidentiality Agreements.

Corporate Law

● Corporate Compliance;
● Dispute Resolution;
● Advisory Services;
● Business Litigation in Brazil’s Courts of Justice;
● Power of Attorney (POA) Drafting for Use in Brazil;
● General Business Advice.

Regulatory Landscape in Brazil

● Medical Device and IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) Registration and Approval;
● Regulatory Compliance for the Brazilian Market;
● Expertise in ANVISA’s Complex Requirements;
● Assistance in Launching Your Medical & Electronic Devices in Brazil.

International Pension Planning

  • The most advantageous way to retire;
  • The exact amount and the most profitable way to contribute;
  • The most beneficial pension rule for you; If you can contribute in both countries and how to do it;
  • What benefits can you apply for in different countries; What documents are needed for your retirement.

Solving your problems

Sou Stephanie,

Advogada especializada em Direito Brasileiro e Internacional. Meu trabalho é focado em Direito Civil, Empresarial, Responsabilidade Civil e Direito Regulatório. Ofereço suporte estratégico para que indivíduos e empresas possam entender e navegar pelas complexidades do direito brasileiro, seja no Brasil ou nos Estados Unidos.

I am Stephanie, an Attorney specialized in Brazilian Law. I provide strategic support to individuals and companies to understand and navigate the complexities of Brazilian law, both in Brazil and abroad.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact me at +55 27 999867818 in Brazil or +1 7542135042 in Florida.

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